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Before you make a date…


Without exception, I require all first-time gentlemen to be screened before scheduling. This is not only for my safety and also give me a comfort so I could really be myself when I’m spending time with you. If I do not know who you are ahead of time, I will not be comfortable meeting. In respect to your privacy, any information conveyed remains strictly confidential and will be deleted after the screening process is done. Please see my screening requirement here.


I understand that life doesn’t always cooperate with our plans and, if you need to reschedule our date, I’ll be happy to accommodate you.  However, my time is also precious and If we have confirmed that means I have set aside and reserved that time for you.

Cancelling in SF: Cancel less than a week 50% session fee is towards an alternative date. Cancellations made less than 48 hours of our scheduled time require the whole fee to be paid.
Cancelling during tours: Deposit are non-refundable. Cancel less than a week 50% session fee is required. Cancellations made less than 48 hours of our scheduled time require the whole fee to be paid.

Counting down the dates! Now what?


Hygiene is of no doubt utmost importance to me. I am always freshly groomed, dressed both to please and match the decor. Please do the same and present yourself respectfully. If you do not have time to shower prior your arrival (within one hour), you are always welcome to freshen up in my bathroom with shower and toiletries available for you to use. If we are meeting in public or I am coming to you, please come freshly showered to date, or feel free to jump in with me once I arrived.


Please arrive on time. I really want to avoid having to turn you away because you arriving too late. If you arrived early, please wait at the lobby in my building/hotel as I will need to get ready before our date.


If we are meeting privately, display the envelope in a clear view which I will collect while you excuse yourself for freshen up. Publicly, please tuck it in a gift bag or a book, do not just pass me the envelope. Once these matters are sorted, let us dive into our rendezvous.


Never feel obligated to have anything on hand, but if asked I am partial to red wines, organic tea or fresh fruit. If you’re the type to go above and beyond, I’m flattered! Feel free to visit my wishlist.

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Please respect the verification rules before meet me.

Your information will be handled with discretion and privacy. Here are a few methods of screening methods I accept, and they have been conveniently listed for you below.

Independent Provider’s references

List at least two well established independent provider who you have met within 12 months, please include the information of their website and email address.

P411 handle

Please provide your P411 handle with at least two OKs.

Employment Verification

If you do not have any references. At least TWO of the following are need. I will never contact you at your work unless a prior arrangement has made so.

  • A photo of your Driver License or Passport.
  • A photo of your bill (address may blurred).
  • An email from your company email to my unpublished inbox.
  • An screenshot of your linkedIn account page.
  • A photo of your work badge/business card.
  • An official business website with your title, your name, and a clear picture of yourself.

Booking Form

Please scroll down to fill out my Booking Form. If you do not feel comfortable fill up the form below, you may send the info required below to my email:

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