You and I both know what it’s like to feel rewarded by a challenging career.

We’ve earned our advanced degrees, pursued professional goals above all else, and closed deals in our sleep. Now, it’s time for a round of self-care. Let’s enjoy this experience together.

Although my origin story is an international one, I grew up in an English speaking country and moved to the United States as a power move for my career. I’ve been told my accent is delightfully international, though you’ll have to engage me in conversation to find out. In my spare time, you might catch me reading one of Franz Kafka’s novels, hiking at Lake Te Anau, or lingering over afternoon tea at The Rotunda’s. When we’re together, I want to take your mind off of our busy day lives – let’s melt into a custom couple’s massage, or a trip to the Whitney. Want to have a little more fun? Tell me the last time you built a pillow fort.

When I’m not spending time with you, I’m refining my body with a yoga class or training at my gym downstairs and I’ve got the slim body to prove it. My body is au natural with handful-size curves and a petite waist – my extensive lingerie repertoire compliments my hourglass shape, and because I’m selective about dates, I prefer gentlemen who appreciate this collection. My only piercings are on my ears, which look best when adorned in Tiffany bobbles. Although my entire body is delicious, I know you’ll want to stare into my cocoa-colored eyes all night long.

As a professional, attending a sophisticated party or industry conference comes naturally to me. With enough notice, it would be a joy to accompany you on a business trip or soiree. If you’re feeling adventurous, let’s take a weekend trip to Lake Tahoe or dabble across the border. I look forward to marking your name in my calendar.

I am your dutiful girlfriend, after all.

XOXO, Madeline Vonn

Age Mid-twenties
Ethnicity Asian
Dress size 2
Height 5’7″
Bust size 34C (natural)
Weight 122lbs
Enhancement None
Ink None
Trimming Tastefully
Piercing Earlobes
Education Master degree

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